UW Struggle: George Michael Freedom Edition

(Musical accompaniment at bottom of page) Today was the big day for UW leadership before the state’s Joint Finance Committee, and to be honest, a twitter-bot could have produced more original material. This isn’t a conversation (see: ‘Right-to-Work’ hearings); it’s rhetorical leftovers from a triumphantly terrible dinner. To recap the livestream: Public authority efficiencies flexibilities […]


UW Struggle Update: Morality Check

Disclaimer: I am an idealist. This makes me quaint. I imagine others feel similarly when the ideals you hold close to your beating heart are not given serious consideration from serious people who only take seriously the various permutations of money and business and the empty signifier that is “accountability.” Another tongue twister: I am embarrassed for myself […]


Students: The Silent Stakeholder

I live and work in Wisconsin, which is engaged in a long and deliberate destruction of its public education system. Legislators and System administrators evoke “the taxpayer” as the sacred stakeholder, but this is simply no longer true. Since comparisons to “running things like a business” tend find purchase, saying the taxpayers are the major […]