Woven Accordion Book

Continuing my adventures in bookmaking, I’m happy with how this one turned out. The “woven” accordion-fold functions as the holder of six cards, which are placed into a band cut down the middle. I glued parts of a map onto the accordion panels, and all of the cards contain a line I like from various poems in Adrienne Rich’s book […]

Diving Into the Digital Wreck

My students and I are reading and discussing Adrienne Rich’s 1973 book, Diving into the Wreck. This book meant a lot to me when I first read it–my professor even brought audio of Rich reading…on vinyl(!)–and I’m a little disappointed in myself for being away from Rich’s work for so long. Her poetry hits me hard, […]

DigiWriMo #2

What I dreamed last night: I was at war with gods, Greek-type gods, and it was as hopeless as you’d expect. We (the people, I guess) had no chance at all; I was dreaming a Hollywood film without a scripted sliver a hope. The gods were giant birds. They were just giants. They were colossal […]