Belgian Bindings: Bird Series

Because I’m obsessed with bookmaking lately, here’s another post. I love the ‘Secret Belgian Binding,’ and here are four that I just made that I’m calling ‘Bird Series’ because, well, why not be obvious. What’s cool about this binding? The tops of the pages are open pockets, so you can tuck things into them (thus […]

Wow, a post (more bookmaking)

I’ve taken a short break from the digital world, as the end of the semester, the holidays, and the impending doom of public education in Wisconsin have kept me otherwise engaged. Still, as I have no doubt that I need to development more marketable skills in today’s 21st century global griftplace, I’ve discovered this technology […]

Bookmaking: Crown Binding

This one was a little trickier but very cool. You fold in paper “crowns” that act as clips, thus you can remove and replace the pages that go inside the binding. It’s so cool that I used Gwendolyn Brooks’ “We Real Cool as the text.

Trying A New Final Project… Bookmaking

I’ve wanted to move away from essays as a final assignment, and the content of my major poetry course felt perfect for… bookmaking! Below is the assignment I distributed today, and I’m hoping (really, believing) that the students will rise to and above the challenge. Here’s the assignment… *** English 322 Final Project: Option A […]

Accordion Book with Windows

I’ve been playing around with bookmaking, and yesterday I gave the “Accordion Book with Windows” a whirl. I’m looking for ways to include such projects not only in my own classes, but in interdisciplinary contexts where students are encouraged to view making as a form of thinking. There’s also the digital documentation element, so there […]