Digital Citizenship

With a digital identity comes, I think, some need for digital citizenship–why else do people despise trolls? A few years back, when MLA was in Boston, I heard both Matt Gold and David Shepard talk about how important it is to not only make use of open-source projects, but to contribute to them; just don’t […]

More Than Just Me

So two things happened: the first of which I’ll summarize, and the second of which I’ll write about. I have to leave to pick my daughters up in 15 minutes or so, and I include that simply to remind myself, and anyone who reads, that while my digital identity may appear crafted as posts, they […]

Posting the Personal: My Wife Sleeps In

My digital identity. That’s what I’ve been thinking about. A lot. And in my life these thoughts quickly lead to family. Most people I am digitally connected with post pictures of themselves, of their families (me included), and thus we put the “Face” in “book.” I’ve read some great pieces about when to post photos, especially […]

Connection: Starting with the Obvious

Serendipity. With so many things on my mind about personal control over public presentation, I happened to have two poems appear online yesterday, in a wonderful, small, committed journal called Scintilla.  The poems are formal experiments, and if you are generous enough to spend  one second with them, you’ll see what I mean. Here they […]

A Domain of My Own

Influenced by the Domain of One’s Own movement, I’ve decided to set up camp at Reclaim Hosting to try and claim and build an online space of my own. What do I want here? I’m not sure, but I do know what the feeling in my stomach tells me: I like what Jim Groom has to say, about […]