Another AI & Tech Experiment

I took an old poem of mine, “Liketown,” and imported some complete stanzas and other reworked phrases into MURF.AI to act as pre-chorus and chorus elements (the verses are original stanzas). The voice I selected was dubbed “Terrell,” who is described vocally as a “middle-aged male.”

My favorite voice on

In GarageBand I tried another experiment, where I could only use loops and effects that started with the letter “A.” Once I got the results I wanted, I added the MURF.AI voice track to the beat. The results are below.

“Liketown” via Garageband via MURF.AI via Chuck Rybak

And, of course, I entered the poem as a prompt into Midjourney.

“Liketown” via Midjourney via Chuck Rybak

You may find other musical experiments (some with AI) on my super-secret Soundcloud.

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