AI Renderings of “Election Day” (Updated with Music Below!)

Big day today, November 8th, 2022, with many big life changes coming for so many real people. The title here says it all: I used the simple prompt "Election Day" in Midjourney, Dall-E, and Stable Diffusion. The algorithms give us the mysterious fortunes below. Midjourney calculates "Election Day" Stable Diffusion calculates "Election Day" Dall-E calculates … Continue reading AI Renderings of “Election Day” (Updated with Music Below!)

The Wayzgoose Experience

Over the past few days, I attended Wayzgoose 2022, held at one of my favorite destinations on the planet: The Hamilton Woodtype Museum. What is a "Wayzgoose"? It's an annual gathering for print culture enthusiasts. Spoiler alert: it was an incredible experience. I was definitely a fish-out-of-water, because I am really someone who writes and … Continue reading The Wayzgoose Experience

The Moon is Always Miraculous

As I found myself in Pulaski, Wisconsin, walking out of parent-teacher conferences, I harvested a quick picture of the moon. Celistial body via iPhone Since I have been playing with AI art generators, I figured, "why not upload this photo, which is simultaneously mundane and cosmic sorcery?" So I did, using technology which also might … Continue reading The Moon is Always Miraculous

Acoustic Shadows (plus music)

Here is another mix (pun intended!) of AI and digital experimentation. First, I pasted my poem "acoustic shadows" into a basic text editor. Here is the poem's full text: Acoustic Shadows When Grant squeezed Vicksburg the siege outlasted trees, the Mississippi men burrowed into bluffs, even the river itself. Spectators huddled on the hilltops, Sunday … Continue reading Acoustic Shadows (plus music)

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Tonight I dared something simultaneously terrifying, thrilling, and necessary. I passengered my way through my older daughter's first night-driving experience. During this Melvillian journey, I semi-tricked her into driving on the highway for the first time--one lane only, for one mile, for one exit back home. I then made her a quesadilla while she beamed … Continue reading I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

When the Bot is Just Better

As I continue to play with AI-generated images, text, and voice I thought I would put my own work to the test. Spoiler: the bot is better than me. The experiment: I took the first half or so of my poem "Argus" (full original reprinted below) and dropped as much as was allowed into Writesonic, … Continue reading When the Bot is Just Better

Midjourney and Concussion Protocol

I attended an NFL football game this past weekend, the timing of which fit right alongside successive head injuries to football professional Tua Tagovailoa. I did not watch or see video of those collisions, but the amount of passionate writing generated around this as a cultural moment is pretty startling. Several issues relevant to our … Continue reading Midjourney and Concussion Protocol

The Platinum Hit Wheelbarrow

Since I am playing with AI interfaces and algorithms, I figured why not add some AI-generated text and poetry to the mix? Once again using William Carlos Williams' "The Red Wheelbarrow" as a prompt, I asked Writesonic to generate song lyrics using the poem's text as the first verse. The result is below, with my … Continue reading The Platinum Hit Wheelbarrow