Blue Willow

In continuing to play around with various AI interfaces, I encountered Blue Willow, which feels a lot like Midjourney in terms of usage and style. The first serious test any AI image generator must pass, of course, is the “chuck-rybak-self-portrait” test. None have successfully done so, which I consider a failure of significant magnitude. Why? Well, here is Blue Willow’s rendering:

Excuse me?

Is there something in the mere words “chuck rybak” that invokes old, white, low-key serial killers? I hope not. Come on, Blue Willow, do better! Otherwise, how will you keep up with our Jetsonesque AI flexividual future?

As I explained to the kind folks at Midjourney, this is the proper response:

Chuck Rybak Self-Portrait

When will the future finally arrive?

I did try another prompt, as the keynote speaker at yesterday’s World Futures event was talking about robot dogs. (Note: there are no such thing as “robot dogs.” Dogs are dogs. Robots are robots that might look like other things, like dogs.) So, the prompt for Blue Willow was “kids running with robot dogs.” (Did I mention there are no such thing?). Result:

Are those…”kids”?

Here is Midjourney responding to the same prompt. And the winner is…

Midjourney wins with the… Great Danebot!

That is all of the enlightenment I have for today.

4 thoughts on “Blue Willow

  1. Chuck, thanks for this, including the image from Midjourney. The Great Danebot made my day. There may come a time when a doggish-looking robot is smarter than you or me and will make a wonderful companion in ways different from my two golden retrievers, Bolt and Izzy. But I hope that day does not come too soon….

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