Dipping a Small Toe into the Idea of Algorithmic Bias

An interesting thing happened while pasting shorter poems into various AI Art generators (specifically Midjourney, Dall-E, and Stable Diffusion). I don't quite know what to make of recent results, as I only superficially understand how such algorithms work. I decided to use Langston Hughes's poem "Harlem" because I wanted to see if the word "Harlem" … Continue reading Dipping a Small Toe into the Idea of Algorithmic Bias

The Nadir of AI Art

Well, today was a deeply dispiriting one for "chuck rybak" self portaits using AI art. Behold the below. This is what algorithms think of me and there is nothing I can do about it. Prepare... Stable Diffusion's renderings of "chuck rybak" Dall-E's renderings of "chuck rybak" And for the record... Chuck Rybak's rendering of "chuck … Continue reading The Nadir of AI Art

A Little Stable Diffusion

I did not know there was yet another player in the AI art game, and that is Stable Diffusion. Just to add to the comparison of the previous post (using the text of Ezra Pound's "In a Station of the Metro" as the prompt), I generated the two below images. Again, a noticeable stylistic difference … Continue reading A Little Stable Diffusion

A First Dall-E Comparison

As I play around with AI art renderings for the first time, I received my Dall-E invite and wanted to do a quick comparison with Midjourney. As an easy first choice, and because I don't like easy descriptors, I reused Ezra Pound's "In a Station of the Metro." I entered the title and poem text … Continue reading A First Dall-E Comparison

AI Art as Ethically Fraught

Charlie Wezel, who writes the Galaxy Brain newsletter for The Atlantic (it's really good), has a piece up about AI art, including Midjourney, of which I've been posting some renderings of various text and image prompts. Basically, Wezel explores questions of copyright and fair use, asking: Then and now, my biggest concern is that the … Continue reading AI Art as Ethically Fraught

More AI Art Inspired by The Great Gatsby

I've been spending time with the Moderns again, largely inspired by reading Hugh Kenner's The Pound Era (there is no book quite like it). I've also been playing around with Midjourney, which essentially allows you to submit text and or images for remodeling and rendering by their AI engine. So, I was thinking of poor … Continue reading More AI Art Inspired by The Great Gatsby

Michelangelo’s David Remixed

For this Midjourney effort, I linked to an image for the first time, settling on Michelangelo's canonical statue of David. One result below. Remixed David via Midjourney Here's what you get when you link to the wikipedia image of The Statue of David and add the qualifier "Banksy Style." Remixed Statue of David via Banksy … Continue reading Michelangelo’s David Remixed