UW Struggle: The No-Confidence Man

Nice blog you got there. Shame if something happened to it.


I don’t know, Wisconsin is really freaking weird these days, as in completely losing its mind while having hallucinations of competence. If you don’t want to read any of this, here is a short video on the state of productive dialogue in the Badger State as it relates to higher education. Hint: the new state animal is us:


So here’s where we are—the faculty at UW Madison are considering a “no confidence” vote in System President Ray Cross and the Board of Regents. For the record, I am not on the faculty at Madison and would not dare to offer whether or not this is the right course of action; that’s for them to decide. But here’s what I can say—the mere specter of such a vote has unleashed complete buffoonery and a stampede of frothing jamokies. Holy smokes. There are two popular themes at this blog, but let me iterate them just for the heck of it: 1) Faculty are always to blame 2) You won’t believe what happened since the last thing that happened. Continue reading “UW Struggle: The No-Confidence Man”

UW Struggle: “Faculty!” Say What? Edition

In order to understand this post, you must accept the fact that faculty are always the problem. No matter what is happening in the UW, just yell “Faculty!” loudly enough and newspaper editorials will begin falling from the trees like decaying leaves.

Also, remember: if a place like UW Madison is worried about recruitment and retention, that must be because of things that naughty “Faculty!” have said, not say, the actual political, budgetary, and anti-educational climate of the state as a whole. Nothing to see here but… “Faculty!”

For example, here is live footage of Chancellor Rebecca Blank on October 29th speaking to UW Central:

The very next day, here is the live feed of her meeting at Central: Continue reading “UW Struggle: “Faculty!” Say What? Edition”