UW Struggle: Narrative Shift, or tl;dr

For the past few years I’ve used this space to be a reporter of sorts. I have reported on events, while also indulging my Carver-esque appetite for exploring how we talk about things. The results have been mixed in that each revelation immediately shoulders the great Ecclesiastical weight of “there is nothing new under the […]

UW Struggle: The Status Schmo

I swear, if you introduced the editors of the Wisconsin State Journal to Richard Woody Johnson, they still wouldn’t know dick. Have you ever wondered why there’s a constant campaign to “inform the public about the UW”? Well, because doing your job is hard I guess! And thus we have another easy-listening editorial that smooths the […]

UW Struggle: The Bagman Cometh

  I’m going to keep this relatively short, which is rare. Why? I only have one point to make, and regardless of how this whole UW kerfuffle turns out, it’s important that Wisconsinites know one thing: faculty were right, all along, without fail, about the intentions and purpose for the striking of tenure from state statute. This is […]

UW Struggle: Gong Show Edition

What if I told you that someone with responsibility literally brought a red button to a meeting? What if I told you that this person, while his subordinates were making test-run presentations, would push the button and the words ‘no whining!’ would be ejaculated as a sound effect? Again: this is not a metaphor. This is […]