I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Tonight I dared something simultaneously terrifying, thrilling, and necessary. I passengered my way through my older daughter’s first night-driving experience.

During this Melvillian journey, I semi-tricked her into driving on the highway for the first time–one lane only, for one mile, for one exit back home. I then made her a quesadilla while she beamed with pride and settled onto the couch with a cat to laugh her head off at Derry Girls. Since I obviously could not video or take photos during this trip–and I admit to gripping tightly to the vehicle–I asked my AI companions to describe it for you. I call them “Queequeg on the highway, Ishmael at the wheel.”

Dall-E rendering of “first drive on the highway at night”
Stable Diffusion rendering of “first drive on highway at night, digital art”
Midjourney rendering of “first drive on highway at night”

The kids are alright.

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