Nothing to Say

In this case, the title is literal. Pretty much nothing to say, so here’s a quick list of “thoughtfluential” thoughts. Or, how about “stackable microthinkpieces”?

  • There are a million pieces of writing about AI right now, in every publication I read. I will be joining their ranks soon, and my piece will obviously be the best.
  • Speaking of AI, here is Midjourney’s visualization of “another article about artificial intelligence”:
Not sure if it’s good or bad that “artificial intelligence” was assigned a female face for the prompt
  • I went to our university’s Honors Music Recital today. Incredible. I’d say a significant regret for me is not being able to sing or really play an instrument. There is absolutely no faking it. You can either do it or you can’t. There’s a certain beauty to that.
  • Observation: People who use the phrase “the future of” a lot don’t really know much. People who talk about what might be the future without having to use the word “future” have a lot to say. Bonus points for people who talk about the past when discussing the future.
  • I finally broke down and watched Mystic River. Grim. (I despise Eastwood as a director.) That said, to counter the grim, Sing Street is incredibly fun.
  • I’m out of ideas.

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