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Posting the Personal: My Wife Sleeps In

My digital identity. That’s what I’ve been thinking about. A lot. And in my life these thoughts quickly lead to family.

Most people I am digitally connected with post pictures of themselves, of their families (me included), and thus we put the “Face” in “book.” I’ve read some great pieces about when to post photos, especially of children, who often have no say in their image instantly being available to the connected globe. Yet I do it. My wife does it. My digital friends with and without families do it. And I don’t point this out to say it’s wrong. I just want to think about it some more. To be in control of it.

So let me tell you something personal…

One of my great pleasures in life is when my wife sleeps in. Like today. I’m reminded of when our children were born a mere 19 months apart, when her mind and body were on call 24 hours a day to provide both comfort and nourishment. I’m reminded of how even when it was me (gladly) up in the night bottle feeding a child, that my wife (whose name is Rebecca) had pumped that milk from her body (often while at work), then packaged it, then labeled it, then stored it. Repeat cycle.

I'm Chuck Rybak, and every person in my family was asked about and approved my posting this photo.

I’m Chuck Rybak, and every person in my family was asked about and approved my posting this photo.

When I started typing this post she was still asleep, at 11:00 am Central Time. This is a luxury beyond words, and if I may dip into my grandiose Walt Whitman voice, it feels like a cosmic reward is being delivered to her. On a day that my wife sleeps in I’m actually torn about whether or not to stay with her (when possible–we now have two children), or to get up as early as possible (banking on her sleeping in) just to take some account of those minutes.

So that’s a personal story, with photo accompaniment, that I feel good about releasing into the digital tributaries.

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