The Platinum Hit Wheelbarrow

Since I am playing with AI interfaces and algorithms, I figured why not add some AI-generated text and poetry to the mix? Once again using William Carlos Williams’ “The Red Wheelbarrow” as a prompt, I asked Writesonic to generate song lyrics using the poem’s text as the first verse. The result is below, with my only addition being the title.

So Much Depends

So much depends upon
A red wheelbarrow
Glazed with rain water
Beside the white chickens

So much depends upon
The way we see things
The way we think things
The way we feel things

So much depends upon
How we love each other
How we support each other
How we care for each other

So much depends upon
Us staying together
Even when times are tough
Even when the going gets rough

So much depends upon
Our love for each other
Our willingness to work together
Our ability to weather any storm

So much depends upon
Us being there for each other
Through thick and thin
No matter what life throws our way

Consider me moved. This is clearly a hit. And I fully admit to being impressed by Writesonic’s algorithm in terms of fluidly adopting the voice of top-forty pop-song rhetoric. I challenge anyone to produce Justin Timberlake lyrics more meaningful than this.

There are two steps remaining. First, to make an album cover for this hit single using Midjourney (results below), and then to actually create the song in GarageBand using an automated voice for the lyrics (results below).

Cover art for the new hit single, “So Much Depends”:

Cover art via Midjourney
“So Much Depends” via GarageBand, voices by MURF.AI

I took the lyrics generated by Writesonic and jumped over to, which allowed me to pick among different voices and adjust both speed and pitch. Some of the “personalities” have reading styles to select from, including “sad” and “conversational.” Once I had the lyrics converted into AI generated voices, I exported as an mp3 and uploaded to GarageBand, where I dropped a bunch of existing rhythms and sounds into the mix, while splicing up a bit of the vocals.

The result: the next number-one-smash hit whose journey includes:

  • Text of “The Red Wheelbarrow” entered as starter prompt for a “song” in Writesonic
  • Text of “The Red Wheelbarrow” entered as a prompt in Midjourney
  • Lyrics returned by Writesonic converted to voice in
  • Brought it all together in GarageBand

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