UW Struggle: “Faculty!” Say What? Edition

In order to understand this post, you must accept the fact that faculty are always the problem. No matter what is happening in the UW, just yell “Faculty!” loudly enough and newspaper editorials will begin falling from the trees like decaying leaves.

Also, remember: if a place like UW Madison is worried about recruitment and retention, that must be because of things that naughty “Faculty!” have said, not say, the actual political, budgetary, and anti-educational climate of the state as a whole. Nothing to see here but… “Faculty!”

For example, here is live footage of Chancellor Rebecca Blank on October 29th speaking to UW Central:

The very next day, here is the live feed of her meeting at Central:

Okay then… nothing to see here, um, “Faculty!”

So, the problem is not, say, the legislature, central admin, communication, openness, leaving vulnerable employees completely exposed, or being truthful: we must not let “Faculty!” with extreme positions about job security be justified in what they are absolutely right about.

Extreme “Faculty!”? I’ll show you “Faculty!” being extreme:

My goodness, what a clusterbrownie. We might as well be watching the Benny Hill Show and dipping our Oreos in cat puke at this point. (Dear Oreo. Feel free to use this as an opportunity for sponsorship.)