UW Struggle: The Shill is Never Gone

I have a regular column!
I have a regular column!

A mere two days ago I wrote the following about the ease of blaming “Faculty!” for everything, while ignoring the real issues harming the UW:

Maybe someone will finally pick this up, but I think I’ll just wait for the next easy editorial piece decrying “Faculty!”, the real world, and so on.

And, right on schedule, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel delivers in under 48 hours, publishing a piece that actually includes the phrase “degrees of victimhood” in its title. That’s where we are now. This is what qualifies as “opinion.” (I will not link to the paid shill, as the column doesn’t really need human authorship; it simply writes itself.)

Why even bother responding anymore? This is the second editorial inside of two weeks that arrives directly from WPRI sources, so their content is predetermined, completely inaccurate, and doesn’t even begin to gesture toward accuracy. Add another inch to Mount Hopeless.

No one at the MJS editorial board cares. They will say, “Well, write a response!” Pay me to. It will be far better than what you’re currently offering, which a simple script in a Google Spreadsheet could automate. It would take me twenty minutes at most to whip one up (we’ll call it “Shillbot”)—I’ll give it to you for free. That way, you don’t have to pay for the columns and no one really knows the difference. It’s a huge win for everyone, I guess.


One thought on “UW Struggle: The Shill is Never Gone

  1. Chuck, I think we might as well just admit that our state is in a downward spiral that will not be reversed until there is a change in leadership in the UW System, Governor’s Office, and many of thre legislative districts. FWIW, a person professionally active in the GOP in another state has told me that it is likely that there will be a big swing in the next Wisconsin election. I hope he’s correct.

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