UW Struggle: Today in ‘Excuse Me?’

CornellLet me tell you a story. Sit down, please, because I think you’ll enjoy this. If you’d like, I’ll make you an Old Fashioned, and I’ll make it a double since you’ll likely need it.

One of my current students (not an English major) is heavily involved with student government and UW budget activism. He made an appointment to meet with one of our local legislators, a republican, to discuss the budget cuts, specifically why they are a bad idea and how they might be alleviated.

The following novelization is based on real-life events.

Chapter 1

“I really believe in my UW education,” says the student. “As a matter of fact, I just got accepted to graduate school at Cornell next year. It’s a full ride, and the UW prepared me for that.”

“Oh,” says Mr. Representative. “Don’t do that. Just get a job instead.”

Storm clouds gather over Mordor, Wisconsin, land of the benighted.

Chapter 2

My spirit animal arrives at Mr. Representative’s office.

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