Constraint and Creativity

One thing I've learned repeatedly, especially working in a public institution, is that success almost always arises from constraint. Artists have known this for a long time: say, a sculpture begins with a certain amount of stone; not only is that the total amount of material available, but the finished product will, by definition, become … Continue reading Constraint and Creativity

When the Bot is Just Better

As I continue to play with AI-generated images, text, and voice I thought I would put my own work to the test. Spoiler: the bot is better than me. The experiment: I took the first half or so of my poem "Argus" (full original reprinted below) and dropped as much as was allowed into Writesonic, … Continue reading When the Bot is Just Better

The Platinum Hit Wheelbarrow

Since I am playing with AI interfaces and algorithms, I figured why not add some AI-generated text and poetry to the mix? Once again using William Carlos Williams' "The Red Wheelbarrow" as a prompt, I asked Writesonic to generate song lyrics using the poem's text as the first verse. The result is below, with my … Continue reading The Platinum Hit Wheelbarrow