UW Struggle: Final Update

Austerity’s first requirement is the imagination’s death. The death of ideas and their very possibility. And thus the only line of the current UW “budget” plan I need quote is: 38. Shared governance, general: Specify that, with regard to the responsibilities of the faculty, academic staff, and students of each institution, “subject to” means “subordinate to.” […]

UW Struggle: The Banality of Weasels

This has been, to say the least, a disheartening year. Again, public servants—with teachers often at the forefront—have been demonized in the latest round of “grown ups playing public relations.” When budget decisions are finally made in June (maybe), most teachers won’t even be under contract, opting instead to retreat to their accessorized yachts and […]

UW Struggle: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Public Authority Edition

So much has happened. But if anyone reads one sentence of this post, let it be this: in the process of resisting the UW’s strict top-down authority, people are making a real difference. We’re active. We’re out there. We’re contacting legislators, connecting with the community, attending joint-finance hearings, crafting editorials and open letters, voicing expectations to campus […]

UW Struggle Update: Do Not Be Managed Into That Good Night

So much has happened this past week, sometimes hopeful, sometimes despair inducing, and given the nature of the information flow it is all pretty much impossible to summarize. A few observations: The Chatter Since the release of Governor Walker’s budget, enough time has passed for a range of voices to emerge: Chancellors, students, faculty, staff, […]

UW Struggle: George Michael Freedom Edition

(Musical accompaniment at bottom of page) Today was the big day for UW leadership before the state’s Joint Finance Committee, and to be honest, a twitter-bot could have produced more original material. This isn’t a conversation (see: ‘Right-to-Work’ hearings); it’s rhetorical leftovers from a triumphantly terrible dinner. To recap the livestream: Public authority efficiencies flexibilities […]

UW Struggle: Tough Choices Edition, Plus Goodies!

Greetings from Wisconsin! Land of tough choices, tough cheeses, and freedom from the tyranny of decent benefits and job security! (You’re only as good as the ease with which you can be fired flexibled and efficiented.) Above the Fold: Tough Choices! UW President Ray Cross stormed the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial page to double down on moving the system […]

UW Struggle Update: Morality Check

Disclaimer: I am an idealist. This makes me quaint. I imagine others feel similarly when the ideals you hold close to your beating heart are not given serious consideration from serious people who only take seriously the various permutations of money and business and the empty signifier that is “accountability.” Another tongue twister: I am embarrassed for myself […]