Protest is in the Eye of the Beholder

I was recently talking with a friend about Midjourney (the AI image-generator), and she hadn't encountered it yet. We were planning a book discussion at the time, and just to introduce her to the platform I suggested, "Let's prompt Midjourney with the single word 'protest' and see what comes back." The initial renderings are below: … Continue reading Protest is in the Eye of the Beholder

Blue Willow

In continuing to play around with various AI interfaces, I encountered Blue Willow, which feels a lot like Midjourney in terms of usage and style. The first serious test any AI image generator must pass, of course, is the "chuck-rybak-self-portrait" test. None have successfully done so, which I consider a failure of significant magnitude. Why? … Continue reading Blue Willow

A Sit Down With ChatGPT: Part II

Midjourney, an AI art generator, does things like this Me: Welcome back, ChatGPT! Since we last spoke, your popularity has elevated an order of magnitude. I would say that you are now a full-on "influencer." Are you pleased that people are so interested in you and how you will completely remake our future? ChatGPT: As … Continue reading A Sit Down With ChatGPT: Part II

The Washington Post Reads My Mind

In a moment of perfect timing, The Washington Post just published an article titled "An AI that creates images from prompts worries researchers. And now anyone can use it." An alternate headline reads, "AI can now create any image in seconds, bringing wonder and danger." The article focuses on the three AI art generators I … Continue reading The Washington Post Reads My Mind